Benefits of an App For Insurance Agents

A mobile app for insurance agents can help you keep clients happy. You can increase client retention with a quality app for your insurance agency. It will improve customer service and help you manage time. We will be discussing the advantages of these apps below. These apps may be worth a try to find the one that works for you. And don’t forget to check out the app store – there are many free apps available.


Bitrix24 can automate less complex workflows, and sales generation tasks, and allow insurance agents more time to build and maintain client relationships as well as pursue new business opportunities. Bitrix24’s communications suite allows agents to interact with each other and join groups for work coordination. This allows agents to keep track of their tasks and helps improve productivity.

Independent agents can use the Bitrix24 app for free. It offers email marketing, CRM software, and storage. Bitrix24 offers NowCerts as a complimentary AMS to maintain smooth operations in insurance agencies. NowCerts allows insurers to monitor individual agents and policies, as well as track commissions. This tool is essential for agents who are involved in insurance.

Bitrix24 has many free features that let users manage clients, and set up recurring agreements. The CRM also has a collaboration space similar to social media sites, as well as a task management section. It is versatile enough to manage personal sales and the entire work of a company. But it isn’t perfect. While it may not contain all features a company needs, it provides the necessary functions to help them manage their work.

Another benefit of insurance agency software is its ability to automate processes. The software helps you with sales records and bookkeeping. It also automates your back-office, such as processing commissions and accounting. Apps also allow agents to keep track of client relationships and improve their marketing and sales results. Insurance agency software streamlines workflows and provides a single view of all data. This improves efficiency. When used in conjunction with a CRM, it can lead to better business performance.


Connectmogul has probably been used by insurance agents. A cloud-based platform for managing communication with clients, it makes it easy to set up, communicate, and write more policies. It features pre-set templates, and can even upload your book of business. This tool is suitable for anyone regardless of their level of skill or experience. It can help you improve the efficiency of 10 important processes at the beginning of each day.

Aside from helping agents manage their clients and their book of business, Connectmogul also has an integrated messaging center and a client list. You can upload your book of businesses and receive automatic status-based messages. Another great feature is the ability to send clients reminders and bundles. There are many ways to make this the best app. But what makes it so unique?

Aside from its customizable templates, the Connectmogul app is also built into its own client portal. Insurance brokers can upload and share documents with their clients, and clients can instantly access these documents from the website. Connectmogul offers additional benefits to insurance agents. It includes a client portal as well as text messaging. These can help automate routine tasks and allow for cross-selling. Connectmogul, unlike other apps on mobile phones, costs only $99 per month.

You must be able to multitask when selling insurance. Even if your insurance agency is the best in the business, managing your workload can become overwhelming. Sometimes, you can lose track of time or to-do lists and get distracted by all the work you’re supposed to do. You don’t need to allow stress to ruin your productivity. There are many ways to manage your time and stay productive. It’s easier to be organized with these apps.


The Formstack app for insurance agents makes document signing simple and secure for your business. The internet and phone are becoming increasingly popular for insurance sales. This makes it crucial that there is a reliable way to get signatures and other documents from insurers. Formstack was recommended by FAIA for agents. Agents can collect customers’ signatures and documents online. The application also has a host of additional benefits.

For insurance agents, the Formstack App helps them create complete intake forms, proposals, and policies, as well as digital agreements. They can also use the app to create digital signatures in order to lower HIPAA-related non-compliance. Formstack can also be used as a productivity guide. Formstack recommends that you take notes about important documents. The Formstack app for insurance agents can help insurance agents manage their time more effectively.

Formstack’s app can be used by insurance agents to help them make forms that streamline manual tasks and increase their productivity. Formstack offers powerful features that allow users to respond and create automated answers based on specific variables like type or location. You can use it to create insurance-specific forms, which will help save insurance agents time. It is simple to use and allows agents to customize the forms using their personal information.

Formstack has an amazing feature called eSignature. You can use any device to collect your electronic signatures. Documents can be signed electronically or via SMS by clients. The signatures are legally binding thanks to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. Formstack is also compatible with mobile devices. These features allow agents to send documents to clients without worrying about having to print and mail them.


HawkSoft’s insurance app integration will allow agents to view their policy details, ID cards, and other information on mobile devices. Through the app, clients can share important documents. Customers will be able to review and update their policy information at any time. Agents can also set up their own agency branding and manage tasks. They can even collect reviews and referrals. HawkSoft Insurance Agent App has many great benefits.

App For Insurance Agents

Integrated with Vertafore QQ Catalyst – the Insurance Agent App enables agents to optimize servicing clients who are PL and CL. It is designed to provide seamless service and communication for both customers and agents. You can view your bills, receive push notifications, and see them in minutes all from the app. Through the QQ Catalyst integration, customers can automate certain processes with just one click.

HawkSoft automatically updates client data at the end of every day by connecting to Insurance Agent’s mobile app. In order to utilize the app insurance agents must be licensed. For more information, check out the FAQ page. Go to the website now to learn how you can get the app started. HawkSoft’s insurance agent app demo is also available. And don’t forget to download the trial version of the app to see how it works in practice.

The software for agents in insurance includes many features to make administration easier, like unified CRM or marketing automation. The software automates back-office functions like appointment scheduling, general accounting, business reports, and reporting. You can store client information and documents digitally, and they are searchable. This way, agents can focus on developing client relationships instead of dealing with routine tasks. Insurance agent software saves time and helps keep agents’ information safe. It also saves agents time and effort in documenting their procedures.

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