Siren Head Toy

Siren Head Toy

Have you ever wondered what the price of a Siren Head toy would be? This toy is around 20 inches tall and costs around $50 at the time of publication. You can find a made-to-order version on Etsy if you are interested in one of these toys. You can read about the toy in our Creepypasta horror short or action figure reviews. You can also learn about the Stunts of Siren Head.

Siren Head

You might have heard of the Siren Head Toy, but what exactly is it? This toy is a shape-shifting toy that can transform into real sirens and street lamp lights. On Tumblr, Trevor mentions that the toy once disguised itself as a piece of furniture or pipes in the walls. The mystery of this toy captivates children and adults alike. Here are some of its most fascinating characteristics:

A large skeletal siren head with a squinting mouth is made of tougher materials than steel, making it stronger than tanks and RPGs. Its head is also made of rubber, which gives it a realistic look. Moreover, the Siren Head Toy has a light inside, which turns on and off at the push of a button on its back. If your little one is afraid of the Megahorn Siren Head, you can put it on his or her bed and watch it scream for joy.

Siren Head Toy

Another feature of the Siren Head Toy is that it imitates human conversations and siren sounds. In addition to this, it also has a distorted radio head that emits sounds that sound like distressed people screaming for help. You may think it’s too scary to play with, but it’s definitely worth a try. And if you’re a fan of Creepypasta horror shorts, you’ll love this toy!

Creepypasta horror short

After the Creepypasta horror short “Siren Head” became a viral sensation on YouTube, fans created their own action figures. Now, the creature has a siren head, emaciated body, and creepy shrieks. It has over 150 million views, and a new action figure is available to fans! What’s so great about this new Creepypasta creation?

Creepypasta stories were born on the Internet in the late 2000s, a combination of urban legends and campfire stories. They have since become pop culture phenomenons, spawning multiple adaptations in the form of movies and television shows. The creepypasta genre has become a rich ground for a new type of horror story, with four adaptations on Syfy’s Channel Zero.

Action figure

The Siren Head is an interesting Creepypasta horror short that has gone viral. This bizarre creature has become so popular that several toys have been created in the Siren Head style. Since the short’s release, nearly 150 million views have been recorded on YouTube. The Siren Head action figure is a 20-inch tall model that is designed for collectors and fans of the Creepypasta horror film. The toy’s pole head features two speakers, allowing it to make some disturbing noises when it is in a dark location. The sounds vary from distorted radio reports to garbled music, or distressed people screaming for help.

The Siren Head shares some similarities with the Slender Man, but is creepier. The monster has appeared in viral Tik Tok videos, fan art, and game mods. Developed by Canadian artist and designer Trevor Henderson, Siren Head is based on the creepypasta villain Slender Man. The monster was first photographed in a graveyard, and from there, Henderson expanded on the storyline and the occurrence of disappearances.


If you’re looking for a fun, creepy toy stunt, you’ve come to the right place. Siren Head is a photorealistic monster with similarities to the Slender Man, though it’s much creepier. Fans have created viral Tik Toks featuring Siren Head, and the toy has been the subject of fan artwork and game mods. The creator of Siren Head, Scott Henderson, is also known for creating long horses and Cartoon Cat photorealistic monsters.

Although it’s been circulating the internet for a few years now, the Siren Head toy has only recently become popular, thanks to YouTube stars. A pole head with two speakers, Siren Head lurks in wooded areas, emitting disturbing noises. The sounds emanating from the Siren Head vary in quality, from garbled pieces of music to distressed people crying for help. The stunt is as frightening as it is dangerous.


The Siren Head is a toy that’s reminiscent of the creepypasta villain Slender Man. A Canadian designer and artist, Trevor Henderson was inspired by the creepypasta character and a cemetery scene in order to create this toy. After the initial photo of Siren Head was taken, Henderson added to its story and expanded on the legend of disappearances and murders. His latest design features a huggable wiggy and slender head.

In recent years, Siren Head has been very popular among YouTube viewers and is being adapted into various media. It’s even the subject of a video game, although this isn’t officially made by Henderson. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from playing with it in different ways. As of this writing, the size of Siren Head is about 20 inches tall and available for $50. To order this toy, visit Etsy.


The Creepypasta horror short, “Siren Head,” has become a popular toy. Fans of the video have made Siren Head toys and sold them on the internet. The toy is 20 inches high and will cost around $50 at the time of this article. The maker of the toy has posted instructions on how to take care of the toy on the video’s YouTube page. Here’s a guide to caring for a Siren Head toy:


In the Creepypasta horror short “Siren Head,” an emaciated giant has a head shaped like a siren, and a fan of the video has decided to create a Siren Head toy. The creature is so popular that many companies are making Siren Head toys based on the creature. These toys have become very popular with fans of Creepypasta, which has nearly 150 million views on YouTube. It’s incredibly creepy, with a giant’s body, a siren’s head, and the ability to make some creepy noises.

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